Meers-Reggers or Mereg bvba is a thriving family business that is managed with expertise by Kevin and Bertho Meers. We are an innovative business with years of experience in horticultural automation and a reliable partner in the sector.

Mereg provides sustainable options for your in-store display or set-up of your premises. Our years of experience and expertise ensure the desired result for every horticultural business. Mereg offers solutions for display and cultivation systems, protective installations customised to your plants/crops, total projects and horticultural necessities for wholesale.

In consultation with the client, we look for the most suitable way to display your plants/crops.


When it all began

In 1972, Meers-Reggers / Mereg nv (PLC) was founded by Leon Meers, Bertho Meers and Damien Reggers. It began as a business growing mushrooms, but operations were quickly extended to putting in tailor-made protective installations. Once they had got a taste for this, they decided to add interior installations to the service provision. Later on, the business transformed from a public limited company to a private limited company (bvba). Today, the company is still run by the Meers family with a passion for the profession.

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